Phat Feathers


    Phat Feathers was founded in 2012 by Kate Littlefoot with the intention of providing an alternative, ethical option to the feather fashion that one normally finds in high street stores. The hope is that the ethos of Phat Feathers will inspire people to shop conscientiously and, as a result, feel comfortable and happy in what they are wearing.

    Since the beginning, new jewellery making techniques have developed to include macramé, wire/metal working, as well as feather crafts. Kate and her husband Sebastian manage the business together, creating varied, bohemian jewellery and accessories, which they sell at music festivals in Europe and Latin America. Their jewellery can be found at local markets and events in Bristol as well as in their Etsy and online store. They source high-quality materials personally during their travels to use in their ever-expanding range of jewellery and accessories for both men and women. Their feather jewellery uses only naturally-moulted feathers from healthy, happy birds that are not exploited for their meat or plumage. All birds moult at least once annually and grow in new feathers to protect themselves from the elements and provide warmth. These old feathers then begin a new phase in the creations of Phat Feathers.

    Our feathers come from various sources:
    * the wild
    * no-kill hobby farms
    * reputable cruelty-free feather distributors
    * avian sanctuaries and refuges

    Kate and Sebastian share a love for animals and are passionate about travel and handmade crafts. Their intention is to provide unique, ethical, handmade jewellery and accessories to the wearer enabling them to look and feel PHAT (pretty, hot and tempting), whilst awakening a deeper sense of consciousness about where those materials have come from and the story behind the craft.

    The Phat Feathers store also stocks a variety of other fair-trade jewellery and accessories sourced during travels overseas where we work with a small handful of local families based in Colombia, Ecuador and India. Much of the year is spent travelling, collecting materials and handcrafting jewellery before returning to Europe to trade at festivals. During the festival season we also offer hair wrapping, hair feather and face painting services. You can purchase our jewellery in our online store, Etsy store, and at retail outlets in Panama, Germany and the U.K.