Parrot Feather Earcuff with Detachable Matching Ea

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Metal - Strong and hypoallergenic bronze wire
Feathers - multicoloured parrot and rooster feathers. 100% cruelty-free feathers found in Latin America. 

One size fits all as the earcuff can be adjusted to any size.

This beautiful, exotic feather earcuff is carefully handmade with love
and positive intention using the highest quality materials that are
sourced ethically from Latin America. This earcuff is gorgeous and brightly coloured making it the perfect festival accessory or gift for someone special. It also comes with a cute, matching detachable earring so you are essentially getting two items in one!

Our jewellery uses only naturally moulted feathers from
healthy, happy birds that are not exploited for their meat or plumage. All
birds moult at least once annually and grow in new feathers to protect
themselves from the elements and provide warmth. These old feathers then begin a new phase in the creations of Phat Feathers. All feathers are cleaned and sterilised before use.

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