Sodalite & peacock feather earrings

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Metal - Strong and hypoallergenic alpaca silver & Tibetan silver beads
Feathers - Peacock & scarlet macaw - 100% cruelty-free
Stone - Little sodalite beads that aids access to subconscious and intuitive ability, enhanced insight, mental performance & deepened intuition
Element - wind
Chakra - third eye
Length - 10cm

This beautiful pair of feather earrings are carefully handmade with love and positive intention using the highest quality materials that are sourced ethically from Latin America. These earrings are really pretty, soft and brightly coloured making them the perfect festival accessory or gift for someone special.

Our jewellery uses only naturally moulted feathers from healthy, happy birds that are not exploited for their meat or plumage. All birds moult at least once annually and grow in new feathers to protect themselves from the elements and provide warmth. These old feathers then begin a new phase in the creations of Phat Feathers.

Our feathers come from:
* the wild
* no-kill hobby farms
* reputable cruelty-free feather distributors
* avian sanctuaries and refuges