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Three beautiful, colourful feather earrings using 100% cruelty free feathers found during my travels in Latin America. I wire-wrap the feathers very carefully and tightly so that they are secure and won't fly away. The ear-hooks are secured with rubber back-stoppers. This listing is for one of the single feather earrings shown. Please select which one when placing your order. They are numbered from left to right - 1-2-3

1 -sterling silver wire, hematite, opaline and lapis lazuli beads. Australian parakeet, pheasant and rooster feathers.
2- sterling silver wire, drilled herkimer diamond quartz. Pheasant, rooster and macaw feathers.
3- sterling silver wire, opaline, chrysocolla & pink agate beads. Macaw, parrot, rooster and duck feathers

Our jewellery uses only naturally moulted feathers from healthy, happy birds that are not exploited for their meat or plumage. All birds moult at least once annually and grow in new feathers to protect themselves from the elements and provide warmth. These old feathers then begin a new phase in the creations of Phat Feathers. All feathers are cleaned and sterilised before use.

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