Phat Feathers

From Our Hands to Yours

Phat Feathers is an independent business based out of Bristol and run by us, Kate & Sebastian, a Colombian/Bristolian couple who met whilst backpacking in Colombia in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. We offer an ever-expanding collection of ethical, cruelty-free feather, silver and micro macrame jewellery that we handmake.

We love discovering unique handicrafts during our travels and work with different artisans and brands from Colombia and India, collaborating and designing new pieces to enhance our range of accessories, jewellery and clothing that we sell at music festivals in the U.K. and Europe. 

Once we moved to the U.K. permanently in 2018, our son was born and we adapted to the challenges of parenthood at the same time as COVID-19. We could no longer travel and work as before and embarked on a new collaborative project, opening Phat & Co, a gift shop in Montpelier, Bristol, that hosts the works of over 100 different artists. 

Now, in 2023 and post pandemic, we have opened another shop Phat Studio which can be found at 70 Stokes Croft, Bristol. 

You can also find us at local markets and music festivals in the U.K 2023. Follow our journey on Instagram, Facebook & Etsy.

For every purchase made through our website, we donate a percentage of our profits to help tackle climate change and deforestation by planting trees. Thank you for your support. We also started the Taganga Street Animal Fundraiser in Colombia which is an on-going mission to help the strays cats and dogs in the village. Any donations are very welcome and urgently needed.