Cruelty-Free Feathers

Our feather jewellery uses only naturally-moulted feathers from healthy, happy birds that are not exploited for their meat or plumage. All birds moult at least once annually and grow new feathers to protect themselves from the elements and provide warmth. These old feathers then begin a new phase in the creations of Phat Feathers. We clean and sterilize all our feathers before use so that they are safe to be worn. Find out how to care for your feather jewellery here.
Our feathers come from various sources:
* the wild
* no-kill hobby farms
* reputable cruelty-free feather distributors
* avian sanctuaries and refuges
Phat Feathers began back in 2012 when Kate, a sign language interpreter from Bristol, found out about the unethical practices used in obtaining feathers for fashion. This set the intent to provide a cruelty-free alternative to the feather fashion that one normally finds in high-street stores and, as a result, feel comfortable and happy wearing them.

"I have always been an animal lover and a creative person but it wasn't until the idea for Phat Feathers that I began the process of teaching myself how to make jewellery. I spent many hours watching online tutorials, tinkering around with beads, wire and feathers and making many mistakes along the way. Whilst traveling in Latin America I met Sebastián and we began collaborating our crafts together. Fast forward 10 years and we’re married with a family. We’re currently settled in Bristol, UK and can be found in either of our two shops which hosts the works of over 100 different artists. We still collect feathers and return to Colombia every year in search of those extra special colourful ones. It’s a long process but it’s something we enjoy and share together.  Even our little one collects feathers and knows that they are special”. 

Sebastián works with macramé, a technique whereby knots are made to form patterns and structures combined with beads, geometric pieces and semi-precious stones. He creates beautiful one-of-a kind pieces that you can also find in store or request a custom piece and drop us a message.

The hope is that the Phat Feathers ethos will inspire people to shop conscientiously, with confidence and knowledge about where those materials have come from and the story behind the craft.

 We thank you for your support.

Feather donations are always welcome provided they are cruelty-free!
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